Indonesian Creative School strongly believes that the early years of a child is a pavement for all future learning. At this level we let the child explore, nurture their curiosity and prepare meaningful learning activities in a comfortable learning environment. ICS caters an Integrated Curriculum our teachers play an important role in their learning experiences as they cater their individual students’ needs with a supporting and caring approach. We  are aware that it is the child’s first transition from home to group experiences.

Our childhood program starts from 2 years old to 5 years old. Our stages are toddlers, nursery, K1 and K2 classes. At this level we consider confidence, fun, physical development and social skills as important aspects of development. Our classrooms are comfortable and well equipped. We have playgrounds, computer rooms, girls’ and boys’ toilets, reading corners, art & music rooms, clinic, mushalla, creativity hall, sport hall, kids swimming pool, canteen and library.

We provide co-curricular activities and extra curricula activities for our students. Our extra curricula activities  are Ballet, lqro, Taekwondo and Robo -Ci. As for our co-curricular  activities  we  have fidgety little fingers, Little Picasso and Einstein Junior clubs, offering them activities like gardening, cooking, drama, singing, dancing, drawing and arts and crafts.


ICS Kidz invited to attend half or full day activities programmed (Toddler) start from 2 years old to develop them to becoming confident, caring and implusive learners.

In  this program ICS will help them to explore their world and nurturing environment.Each day is filled with fun activities, give them the comfort and confidance to grow and develop both cognitively and socially.

Toddler Program Features :

  1. Phonic.
  2. Number.
  3. Fine & gross motor skil.
  4. Practical life skill (art & Craft, Colouring and Play Dough)
  5. Fun Activities (Music & Movement, Art & Sensory and Swimming)
  6. Story telling, role play and communication skill.


ICS  Kidz Nursery program for 3 years old is designed to encourage child initiated and their learning abilities. ICS Kidz curriculum is designed to the children may engage in activities that are simulating to their overall  growth and development.

Nursery Program Features :

  1. Language (Alphabet, phonic,  writing and role play).
  2. Match Center.
  3. Fine motoric / practical life skill (Art & craft and sport). 
  4. Teacher Station (Direct Learning).


ICS Kidz kindergarten 1 (K1) program start from 4 years old that provides opportunities for your child to interact with others in a small group setting. ICS environment is calm and nurturing, where children can safely develop their fine and gross motor skill that are crucial to learning.

K1 Program Features :

  1. Language (Alphabet, Phonic, Reading and writing).
  2. Math and Sempoa.
  3. Dancercise and sport.
  4. Simple Mandarin.
  5. Science center.
  6. Teacher station (Direct learning).


ICS Kidz Kindergarten 2 (K2) program that recognizes and supports each child’s prior knowledge. skills, attitudes, learning pace, personal traits, interest & goal and preffered learning styles. In kindergarten it’s prepare the childrens to enter the next level of Primary  School.

K2 Program Features :

  1. Language (Alphabet, phonic, reading and writing).
  2. Math, sempoa and science center.
  3. Practical life skill (colouring, cutting, art & craft).
  4. Hobby and interest center.
  5. Dancersice and sport.
  6. Basic computer skill.
  7. Mandarin.
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