History of the School

Once Upon a Time

The  school started in 2009  and moved  to the bigger building in 2012 and the current building in 2018 . Our school is beautifully designed, built and equipped in order to provide meaningful learning experiences for the students.

Where We Are in Our Story Now

Our teachers are dedicated to produce good future citizens. Subject teachers are specialized in their subjects but at the same time they contribute generously to  the whole child development. They support students’ learning experiences through co curricular activities,  extra curricular activites, UN Clinic and Checkpoint Clinic.

We support our teachers development rigorously through in  house  training , seminars, workshop and others. We also support them for national and international training experiences. At the same time we  also encourage field trips both inside and outside Indonesia.

Where We’re Heading To

The school believes that in order to prepare a twenty-first century person a healthy mind and body, a good character and acceptance to diversities should be cultivated in a student. Our teachers are continuosly building  and maintaining good relationships with parents in order to support student’s learning.

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