Thank you for considering Indonesian Creative School (ICS) in your search for an international standard education institution in Pekanbaru. We are here to provide you with all the information you need to before coming up with your best decision for your child’s next learning journey.

A. Qualification Criteria

We receive admissions all through the school year for all grade levels on a rolling basis as we believe tha  the admission of each and every student might be different due to some irrelevant conditions. You may contact our Admissions Office for more info.

  1. Registration form
  2. Student’s Passport & Birth Certificate
  3. Report cards (the previous 3 years)
  4. Student’s Certificate
  5. Surat Keterangan Hasil Ujian
  6. Vaccination evidence/certificate/Medical form
  7. Limited Stay Permit Card/Family card
  8. Father’s Passport and ID card
  9. Mother’s Passport and ID card
  10. Student’s headshot photo 3×4 (2 each)
  11. Father’s headshot photo 3×4 (2 each)
  12. Mother’s headshot photo 3×4 (2 each)
  13. Nanny/Driver/Other caregivers’ photo (2 each)
  14. Statement Letter of Unemployement*
  15. Statement Letter of Financial Guarantee*

Note :

* applicable for expatriates only

B. Admission Procedures

  1. Calon siswa melakukan pendaftaran / registrasi awal, bisa secara langsung ke administrasi sekolah atau melakukan PPDB Online melalui website icsschool.sch.id/ppdb-online.
  2. Setelah berhasil melakukan pendaftaran, Calon siswa wajib membayar registrasi  sesuai level yang didaftarkan.
  3. Kirim foto bukti pembayaran via whatsapp di nomor 082391931936, untuk diverifikasi.
  4. Setelah berhasil di verifikasi, calon siswa akan mendapatkan Password untuk mendownload Form Pendaftaran.
  5. Setelah di isi, pengembalian formulir pendaftaran bisa diantar langsung ke administrasi sekolah atau dikirim via Whatsapp.
  6. Calon siswa mendapatkan informasi tentang jadwal pelaksanaan placement test.
  7. Calon siswa mengikuti placement test sesuai jadwal.
  8. Calon siswa mendapatkan informasi tentang hasil placement test.
  9. Calon siswa yang dinyatakan lulus melakukan re-registrasi dan melakukan pembayaran administrasi.
  10. Selamat bergabung di Indonesian Creative School Pekanbaru (TK – SD – SMP)

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